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Nowadays problems of power occupies considerable, if not leading the place in domestic and foreign policy of the majority of the countries, as well as in those who possess the corresponding resources, and who are consumers of power.

Energy, being the term of especially natural-scientific, technical or economic one, gradually expands its area in semantic value. It not only becomes the most used term in political and diplomatic dialogues, but also becomes the important political tool in interstate relations; and it is really natural process. Due of importance of this concept and the maintenance of this term, it is naturally raising of the following questions:

1. Why the energy problems are so vital, even crucial in the globe today?

2. Why some countries have excess resources of natural energy while others have not enough resources or have not absolutely? How can it be explained? OR with what it is connected?

Today practically all power (about 90 %), consumed by mankind, is on a share of combustible minerals, that is, coal, oil and gas. If we take into consideration that oil composes one third of all combustible minerals it will be clear what we understand under "about 90%".

The first part of the site deals with the explanation of "about 90 %", entitled as "Electrochemical Theory of Formation of Oil". Though it is actually the theory of formation of oil, it will explain all concerning formation both natural gas, and coal. The author is carrying out scientific researches in discovery of oil deposits unknown natural phenomenon up to our days.

In the second part of a site the theory of formation of heat in the centre of the Earth (approx. 5 000°С), and at the same time and the Sun (10х107 К) will be given.

The exhaustive explanation of an energy origin in Solar system will be given. The second theory also applies for discovery of unknown earlier the phenomenon in the Nature.

Thus, this site will give an explanation to the term "Global energy" or "Global power".

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