Scientific degree : Candidate of Chemical Sciences
Country : Turkmenistan
City : Ashgabat
Year of a birth : 1953
Formation : Higher
That has finished :
Graduated the department of chemistry of Turkmen state university (1975), training at Institute of organic chemistry of N.D.Zelinskiy Academy of Sciences Moscow, USSR (1975-77), postgraduate study Institute of Organic Chemistry Academy of Sciences, Moscow, USSR (1977-1980).
Work place: Worked at the IOCh, Moscow, USSR (1981). Further work in various Scientific and Industrial Associations and scientific research institute in Turkmenistan.
The summary of works:

The scientist-chemist, Cand.Chem.Sci. Hoshdurdyev Hakberdy in work "Global power - whence it undertakes or the new theory of formation of combustible minerals and a principle of inexhaustible power resources of the Earth" had been investigated a problem of occurrence of combustible minerals - oil, gas and coal which make a basis of modern power and is proved, that a source of power of mankind is warmly the centre of the Earth which turning to a thermocurrent and penetrating the rocks containing inorganic carbonates, electrorestoration transforms them into organic carbonates which are combustible minerals.

It is shown, that process of formation and using of combustible minerals is the closed cycle which explains:
* close neighborhood hydrocarbonic deposits basically to borders of tectonic plates;
* impossibility neither inorganic, nor organic oil origins;
* the reason why basic supplier of oxygen in atmosphere is the world ocean;
* absorption of carbonic gas basically the Earth besides photosynthesis;
* the reason endless of stocks of combustible minerals and others.

In article "Why the sun is heated or the phenomenon of conversion of mechanical energy to heat at movement of bodies on the closed curvilinear trajectory", investigating the reason of a warming up of the centre of the Earth (5 000 0С) and further Mars (1 300 °С), Jupiter (30 000 °С), Saturn (20 000 °С), Uranium (10 000 °С), the Neptune (14 000 °С) and at last the Sun (13-15*106 °С), to the scientist managed to prove, that a source of a warming up named above heavenly bodies is conversion mechanical energy of their companions in heat that is connected with specificity of movement of bodies in the closed curvilinear trajectory with constant change of their speeds.

The main idea of the given theory is the following - at reduction of progress of planets on curvilinear trajectories their kinetic energy decreases also. As, according to the Law of conservation of energy, this energy cannot disappear, it is transformed to heat.

It is shown:
* thermonuclear synthesis of helium from hydrogen on the Sun is essentially impossible;
* the reason of the absence of neutrino on the Sun;
* the reason of Solar activity in general and periodicity of Solar activity in connection with a periodic staying of Jupiter in aphelion (a maximum of Solar activity and a minimum of speed of progressive motion and according to kinetic energy) and perihelion (a minimum of Solar activity and a maximum of speed of progress motion and accordingly a maximum of kinetic energy) of its trajectory.

According to academician of Academy of Sciences Turkmenistan A.Hojamamedov both scientific theories are the largest discovery in natural sciences.

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